October 15, 2020

Aloha State House District 17 Resident:

Below is a summary of my thoughts as you consider my candidacy to be your next Representative for the State House District 17 seat. Also summarized are my legislative priorities.

More details are provided in the other articles within this “Issues” page of this website.

A New Voice for the Future – A fresh perspective in the “new normal” of limited financial resources that will proactively participate in the difficult budgetary process that also reflect the views of voters in our district with an emphasis on controlling the cost of government.

Relevant and Needed ExperienceWith more than 30 years in both the private and public sectors dealing with financial matters, my financial and budgetary experience will be a needed resource in the Legislature and our district.


  • Economic Recovery – Moving forward with economic recovery after we control the spread of the virus that includes extending unemployment benefits beyond what is currently allowed by law and providing additional assistance to the unemployed for rent and mortgage. Also, providing aid and support to small businesses.
  • Diversification of Economy by Development of Sustainable Diversified Agriculture – As part of efforts to diversify our economy, we must invest in our agriculture infrastructure and ensure our laws do not provide incentives for owners of agriculture lands to seek exemptions that allow them to displace current farmers.
  • Lack of affordable housing and the high cost of living – As housing is the largest component of our high cost of living, followed by food, energy/utilities, and transportation we must address this issue or face the continuing loss of residents including our children, grandchildren and retirees as they seek lower cost alternatives on the mainland or, worse, join the homeless population.
  • Crime We must deal with crime, especially crimes committed against our kupuna, in a more effective manner.
  • Homelessness We must do more to ensure that homelessness does not increase due to unemployment and the inability to afford rent because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Economic recovery and providing affordable housing are also keys to solving this problem.
  • Environment – We must protect the valuable resources in our district. Accordingly, I would support measures to prevent overuse of Hanauma Bay which has recently shown signs of recovery while the Bay is currently closed due to the pandemic.

I humbly ask for your vote to be your representative for State House District 17.

Mahalo and stay safe,